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First free bank 💰

80 + 30 € offered at registration

Best bank 2021 💰 Innovative and free

Boursorama facilitates your transfers to cryptocurrency exchanges.

⚠️ The cheapest for 13 consecutive years.

Why register on Boursorama?

Are you looking for a bank account that has many advantages, is easy to manage and offers direct  referral bonuses when opening a new account? Then you have come to the right place. I am going to show you the sponsorship of Boursorama Banque, which belongs to a new generation of banks operating mainly on the Internet. Boursorama Banque is more commonly one of the neo-banks. They are very practical for all types of innovative products.


Literally the best bank


Completely online registration


Instant transfers


Panorama of all your accounts


Automatic bill safe


Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay


€ 2,000 transfer per day without charge



This list is obviously not exhaustive. You can find the  price brochure.

The cheapest for 13 years

Boursorama Banque is for everyone! Young professionals and travelers. No income condition is required to open an account. Opening an account is quick, easy and 100% online. At the end of your request (generally processed within 24 to 48 hours), Boursorama will send you your new RIB (your IBAN). In order to finalize your account opening, you must transfer a minimum amount of 10 euros to your account. You are now ready to take advantage of your means of payment, the Boursorama service and your bonuses. It is important to know that Boursorama Banque has been voted the cheapest bank for 13 consecutive years! Indeed, many abusive fees are charged by other banks, which is not the case with Boursorama.

Boursorama is 


Least expensive bank for 13 years

2.5 million customers

Since 1998 in Paris

130 € offered directly at registration!

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