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Juicy fields

Earn money by planting cannabis 

50% return in 3.5 months

⚠️ You will receive remuneration for investing in medical cannabis.

As a leader of the Cannabis Crowdgrowing movement, Juicy Fields provides a platform for farmers and growers who want to grow cannabis online. JuicyFields rewards both parties for the success of this activity, which is 100% legal, authorized and licensed.

How to register on Juicy Fields ?



Click on register

After clicking on this link , you will find the location to enter your email address on the home page of the Juicy Fields site. Then confirmed by pressing "Let's Grow" or "Cultivons" .


You will then receive an email to confirm your account. Remember to enter your account information before proceeding to the next step to order.


Select variety

Once your account is validated, go to the " Clone Shop " tab where you can choose the varieties of cannabis you want to order. The variety determines the type of return on your investment.


We personally recommend the JuicyFlash program allowing an average return of 50% on your investment in 108 days.

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Complete your payment

You will need to choose one of the four methods, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether.

Once your purchase is approved, you will be able to see at any time and follow in real time the process that your plants are going through and at what stage they are.

Depending on the grams generated by your crop, the return on your investment will be between 36% and 66% of the initial capital.

No hidden costs

Juicy Fields is a leader in the field of Crowd Growing . That is, the participatory cultivation of medical cannabis. There are no hidden costs, you actually get the proceeds from the sale of your crop. Then you can freely withdraw your profits or buy back plantations.

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Juicy Fields is 


Present in 7 countries

+160,000 users 

Since 2019 in Berlin

A completely legal activity

50% average return on your investment in 108 days.

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