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Best site on crypto tokens

First platform to buy Dogelon, Shiba, Kishu and other Dog Tokens.

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How to buy token dogs?

Inscription Poloniex


Go to this address and start the registration process. You just have to fill out the form with an email address and confirm the conditions of use. You will need to confirm your account by clicking on the email received in your inbox.


Deposit money

Once your account is opened. You can make a deposit from a cryptocurrency or from your bank card by depositing government currencies. To do this, find the button at the top right of your browser and look for the "Buy in Fiat" button.

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Exchange your tokens 

Exchange your base currency for tokens. For example if you sent USDT to Poloniex, choose the USDT / ELON pair to exchange your dollars for Dogelon. In case you have bought Bitcoin, first trade your BTC to get USDT with the BTC / USDT pair.


Ultra low fees

Poloniex with Binance offers the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange fees on the market. However, Binance does not offer Woof Tokens. Go without fear through Poloniex for the purchase of your Shiba, Dogelon, Kishu & Akita.


Poloniex is 


$ 200 million in assets / day

+100,000 users 

Since 2014 in the United States

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