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Evo DeFi Token Bridge, transferts crypto multichain 🔀

Are you familiar with Bridges? These DeFi tools that allow you to move cryptocurrency funds from one blockchain to another, very quickly and cheaply.

To illustrate my point, I'll use the EvoDefi bridge as an example. Here we go!

From Farming to Smart Services 🧠

EVODeFi is a decentralized multichain ecosystem. Basically, EvoDeFi is a yeild farming protocol with NFTs. That is, you can put your cash in the pools to get quite interesting returns. NFTs offer you bonuses on your returns, it's an interesting gamification of farming.

But today, the farming system is rather set back. The developers are focusing on very useful services for the whole DeFi ecosystem.


From the beginning, EvoDeFi offered its users a bridge between Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain. A service that I particularly appreciate, especially since new compatibilities with blockchains appear regularly. This is the case of Polygon, Heco, Fantom, Avalanche, and lately Arbitrum and Cronos.


Still in innovation, EvoDeFi was one of the first protocols to offer a bridger exchange system. For example, you want to send funds from one blockchain to another, while switching cryptocurrencies. I have USDT on BSC and want to get USDC on Polygon; well, that was possible with EvoDeFi. Unfortunately, the service is currently unavailable, probably waiting for an optimized version.


Then, lately, the service to withdraw funds from the blockchain directly to your bank. A real innovation, I don't know of any service offering this feature to date.

👉 Read the article about it here.

Bridge CrossChain ⛩

It was released a few days ago, the new crosschain bridge from EvoDeFi!

The new bridge is beautiful, with a considerable effort for the user experience.

Here is a screenshot of the old bridge on the left and the new one on the right.

The fees are still affordable: 0.5% per transaction.

  • The use is very simple, you connect with your MetaMask wallet on the original blockchain, the one from where you want to send the funds.

  • Then select the destination blockchain, then the token (USDC, USDT, ETH).

  • Check the destination address if you don't want it to be to your own wallet, you can change that in "Enter recipient"

  • Validate your amount and the transaction is launched!

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