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How to add Rootstock on MetaMask? 🦊 (RSK)

Rootstock is a blockchain backed by that promises the use of smart contracts on the Bitcoin network. Rsk uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) ecosystem with a DeFi solution to create RBTC. You can use a web 3.0 wallet to get started on Rootstock. How do you set up your MetaMask wallet to access this blockchain? Guide.

Activer RootStock sur MetaMask
Activer RootStock sur MetaMask

If you've never used MetaMask, it's an extension to use a cryptocurrency wallet on your browser. Essentially, MetaMask supports the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain. But lately, it is also possible to use MATIC, AVAX, HECO, CELO, FANTOM, Moonriver, Harmony and Rootstock blockchains. RSK is a blockchain platform designed to facilitate smart contracts with Bitcoin tokens. To use this blockchain, you will need to deposit RBTCs on MetaMask, RBTC is a replica of BTC. You will first need to switch a setting on your browser extension, which is what we will see in this part.

⚠️ The Rootstock blockchain is a network of its own, quite distinct from Ethereum or Bitcoin. If you want to send funds on RSK, make sure you select the right network during the transfer process.
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Configure MetaMask to accept the Rootstock network.

After installing MetaMask from the official page, you will find a small fox head in the list of browser extensions. If you can't find it, restart your browser.

Menu Reseau MetaMask
Menu Réseau MetaMask

Click on the fox and set up your password if you haven't already. Once your wallet is properly configured, you have a fully functional wallet for the Ethereum network. You will need to manually add the Rootstock network.

To do so, nothing could be easier. First, click on the "Ethereum Main Network" network selector marked on the image with the number 1 and then click on the "Custom RPC" marked with the number 2.

On the next window, you'll need to manually set up access to the Rootstock network. Here is the information you need to fill in:

  • Network Name: Rootstock

  • RPC URL:

  • ChainID: 30

  • Symbol : RBTC

  • Block Explorer :

Informations Rootstock MetaMask
Informations Rootstock MetaMask

Sign up Juicy Fields

Once the information is added, you can click on "Save" to validate.

The operation is now complete!

You can interact with the Rootstock blockchain as you wish. However, check the network selector. It only displays funds on the selected network, so don't panic if you can't find your funds. Just make sure you have selected the right network.

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