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Investing in crypto in legal marijuana in Mexico 🪴

Cannabis businesses are flourishing in various parts of the world and now you can join the boom in Mexico, Portugal and Spain and many others by investing in medical cannabis for therapeutic purposes on the JuicyFields platform.

Article originally published in Spanish :

While Mexico continues to debate the legalization of cannabis for adult use, other countries and businesses are already taking advantage of legal marijuana. One of these is the Juicy Fields platform, which allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to invest in medical marijuana assets legally and with excellent returns.

Therefore, it is still impossible to develop businesses based on this plant, especially in Mexico, but new countries are taking the step to become cultivators like Spain, Portugal, South Africa, etc.

👉 These new operations give the opportunity to individuals who want to invest in assets related to legal cannabis, an excellent opportunity to do so online.

Zvezda Lauric is a Business Developer and spokesperson for Juicy Fields. She explained in how the company based in Berlin, Germany works.

"The business model JuicyFields created two years ago is called Crowd Growing. In countries where marijuana cultivation is already legal, we take on the task of funding and advising local growers from start to finish, so they can develop medical cannabis farms that meet all the necessary regulations and quality standards," Lauric explains.

The farms associated with Juicy Fields are located in countries such as Spain, Portugal, Colombia, South Africa and Uruguay, where cannabis cultivation is fully permitted.

"The production is exported to different countries where it is legal, such as the United States, Canada and, mainly, Germany, where many medicines are made with ingredients derived from the plant," she said.

How to invest in legal marijuana in Mexico?

"In many countries, everything related to cannabis is still illegal, this is the case in my country. What we want with this project is that everyone participates in the investments and connects to this plant, which has so many uses," said the Bolivian-born spokeswoman.

"We are talking about a plant that has had a stigma for many years. We only work with medical cannabis. We obviously respect everyone's decision, but recreational use is not within our purview, at this time," she added.

👉 Based on this, Juicy Fields has developed a platform to connect growers with investors around the world, which they call e-growers.

By going to and signing up, e-growers can choose different types of plants to "adopt." The minimum investment is 50 euros (about 1,200 Mexican pesos) for a single plant. The most expensive (and most profitable, of course) are sold at 2,000 euros each (about 48,000 MXN). Of course, you can "adopt" as many plants as you want to increase your profits.

"After 3 months, the approximate time needed to grow, dry and sell the product, the e-grower makes a minimum profit of 30%. For example, if you invest in a plant of 50 euros, it will sell between 68 and 83 euros. This profit is yours, and you can choose to reinvest it in other plants or withdraw your money," explained Lauric.

As far as payment methods are concerned, the platform accepts bank transfers and most importantly ... cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Theter (ERC-20). Withdrawals of winnings can also be made with any of these options.

With "Crowdgrowing", everyone wins.

Zvezda Lauric highlighted the work of Juicy Fields to help small growers convert their land into medical marijuana farms, a process that is not only time-consuming and complicated, but also very expensive.

"The licenses to set up a medical cannabis farm and market the product are very expensive. You need a lot of legal advice and, of course, funding, to get the whole business in order. So we help the growers, the men and women who work the land, with the investment and taking them by the hand through the process. And through the platform, we make sure that everyone can invest and get profits. It is a win-win system," said the businesswoman.

Of course, having a medical grade cannabis farm for Juicy Fields isn't that simple.

"The soil, the seeds, the greenhouse, the growing process and the final product have to meet very high quality standards, so that the product can be exported and sold. German pharmaceutical companies in particular are super strict, and that's our benchmark for quality for all our crops," she explained.

While you can now invest in this asset, this company is just one of many eagerly awaiting the approval of legislation to regulate the cannabis industry in Mexico.

At the first Cannabis México Expo, held last June, Zvezda Lauric commented that many growers have approached the company with the intention of exchanging their crops of beans, corn and other products for medical cannabis.

"Of course it is possible, but they have to comply with certain obligations, regulations and quality standards. Also, the whole licensing issue would be subject to what Mexican law determines, when the time comes. But it is interesting that people are already interested in wanting to transform their farms, in wanting to grow," explained the spokesperson.

"The cannabis industry around the world is closely following what is happening in Mexico, the eyes of the world are here. We all believe that Mexico has great potential to develop in this sector and help those who work the land with their hands," she concluded.

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