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Earn money by storing cryptocurrency. 💰

Best stacking service.
Up to 37.55% profitability on your crypto investments 💰

CODED :  louisCYIG

Up to € 100 offered by placing € 50 on the site.

⚠️ These incredible rates are accessible without the risk of loss of capital.

How does SwissBorg work?




It is quite possible to be remunerated by storing a good. This new generation service will certainly replace the banks. This is "stacking", that is to say that you are directly remunerated for the possession of an asset in cryptocurrency.


Earn money

While your money is stored, the service uses Smart Yield, which allows you to get paid. You can earn up to 37% profitability per year just by putting your money in the right place.



Compound interest

When you use SwissBorg, your profits are directly injected into your starting capital. You thus benefit fully from the compound interest. That is to say that the interests of your capital in turn generate profits.

SwissBorg is 


$ 2 billion in assets

+300,000 users 

Since 2017 in Lausanne

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