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Earn money by storing cryptocurrency. 💰

Staking service in EURS, Up to 12% profitability on your crypto investments 💰

"Keep Crypto, Get Cash"

"Keep your Crypto, Earn money"

⚠️ These incredible rates are accessible without the risk of loss of capital.

How YouHodler works




It is quite possible to be remunerated by storing a good. This new generation service will certainly replace the banks. This is "stacking", that is to say that you are directly remunerated for the possession of an asset in cryptocurrency.


Earn money

While your money is in storage, the service lends it to other people, allowing you to get paid. You can earn up to 37% profitability per year just by putting your money in the right place.



Compound interest

When you use YouHodler, your profits go straight to your seed money. You thus benefit fully from the compound interest. That is to say that the interests of your capital in turn generate profits.


No hidden costs

YouHodler does not charge you any fees when you deposit or withdraw crypto on their service. You can freely send and even withdraw your money at any time. Enjoy 100% of your profits.


YouHodler is 


$ 1 billion in assets

+100,000 users 

Since 2018 in Lausanne

They have already tried

Cécile, CAC40 Investor

I usually invest in stocks, their returns are around 10% per year and I was looking for an investment with better profitability. Youhodler is even less risky than stocks by stacking EURRS. What more.

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